SMRT - More certainty of rail restructuring

In his speech today, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan has hinted again at restructuring the rail industry. Given the increasingly frequent breakdowns, we reckon this will happen soon - which will be positive for SMRT.

Excerpts from the article “LTA must be ready to take over MRT operations: Khaw Boon Wan”

"Creating an excellent rail system requires an integrated approach, from design and construction, right through to actual operations and maintenance".

"Our current model separates the designer and builder, LTA, from the maintainer and operator, SMRT and SBST," he said.

"From an economist's viewpoint, this allows for more competition in choosing the operator. From an engineer's viewpoint, it is not so ideal from the life-cycle perspective."

"It is not easy or desirable to change the model overnight", although for future MRT line, "we may have the opportunity to shape the way we do things". 

·   LTA, PUB, SBS Transit and SMRT have signed a MoU to jointly develop and extend existing relations in infrastructure maintenance.

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